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Singapore Electricity Tariff Revision for Q3 (2018)

July 1, 2018

For the period from 1 July to 30 September 2018, electricity tariffs will increase by an average of 6.9% or 1.50 cents per kWh compared to the previous quarter. The increase is mainly due to the higher cost of natural gas for electricity generation compared to the previous quarter.


Electricity tariffs rose to their highest levels in more than two years.





StarHub bids farewell to Discovery Networks content

June 25, 2018

StarHub launches new channels and bids farewell to Discovery Networks content
By Vijay Anand – on 25 Jun 2018, 11:44am

While the channels are being prepared for launch, all StarHub TV customers can also enjoy a free preview of over 30 channels from the News, Kids, Education, Entertainment and Lifestyle Basic Groups, from now to 15 July 2018.

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How private-hire services compare

April 27, 2018

TNP paper, 27 Apr 2018, New private-hire services to enter market this year
Cheow Sue-ann / Aqil Hamzah

How private-hire services compare [PDF]


BT, Five players looking to enter Singapore’s ride-hailing market, reviving competition, 27 Apr 2018
Jacquelyn Cheok




Speedoc app lets you call the nearest doctor to your home

April 5, 2018

Speedoc app lets you call the nearest doctor to your home
TNP Paper, Sue-ann Tan, Apr 05, 2018

Speedoc, which started operating last November, has had more than 1,000 downloads. It now has about 22 doctors, mostly GPs who must prove their qualifications and undergo interviews before being added to the app. Around 120 house calls have been made.

Simple procedures such as providing medication, wound stitching and setting up intravenous (IV) drips can be done at home, rather than having the patient rush to A&E and wait for hours to see a doctor.

The app will match doctor and patient based on location. In the future, it might also take a doctor’s specialisation into account, Dr Verma said.

He said the market rate for house calls is d $200 to $250, while Speedoc’s doctors charge about $150. A trip to A&E might cost a patient about $120.

Speedoc joins other apps such as Jaga-Me in trying to bring healthcare closer to home. Jaga-Me ,which began in 2016, provides nursing for those who need post-hospital care. It has 300 nurses in its network.

The Speedoc app is available for download for both iOS and Android.

Social service staff to get another pay rise

April 5, 2018

MSF: Enhanced Salary Benchmarks for Social Service Professionals

Social service staff to get another pay rise, with monthly salary for social workers starting at $3,400
ST Paper, Apr 4, 2018, Theresa Tan

Social service sector set for pay rise again
TNP Paper, THERESA TAN, Apr 05, 2018

Workers in the social service sector can expect to see their wages increase again, following new pay guidelines posted on the National Council of Social Service’s (NCSS) website last Thursday. The changes kicked in from April 1.

NCSS: Salary Guidelines for Social Service Sector (with effect from April 2018)

The salary guidelines provided are an indication of market pay reference for job roles typically found in the social service sector. Social service organisations are recommended to take reference from the guidelines for compensation matters, taking into consideration their own organisation needs and structures. The sector salary guidelines are tri-annually reviewed with annual adjustments as necessary to reflect general wage movement.

For a copy of the latest salary guidelines, click here(PDF)
For a list of commonly asked questions on salary guidelines, please refer to our FAQ.

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Average Salary Based on Industry in Singapore


February 8, 2018

Welcome to MyCareersFuture.SG, a career development and resources system with extensions to Jobs Bank for job applications, as well as related recommendation services. The MyCareersFuture.SG website and services are provided by Workforce Singapore Agency.

The newest government initiative to help Singaporeans with a smarter way to find jobs. You can now search for jobs based on your skills, discover suitable jobs you might not have considered before, or find jobs with government support.

Fee hikes for polytechnics and ITE next year

December 12, 2017

ST paper, 12 Dec 2017, Higher tuition fees for students joining polytechnics and ITE next year

Tuition fees for students entering the polytechnics and Institute of Technical Education (ITE) next year (2018) will go up by between 3 per cent and 7 per cent.

The revised fees, which were posted on the schools’ websites on Monday (Dec 11), apply only to newcomers in the 2018 academic year. The polytechnics’ term starts in April, while ITE has two intakes in January and April.

How to dispose your SAF personal equipment after completion of NS liability?

December 12, 2017

You may return the items to any SAF.eMart outlet or to the following addresses:

a. Address:
GEMC – Army Logistics Base
601 Old Choa Chu Kang Road
Singapore 699817
Contact: 6389-6380/ 6389-6381

b. SAF Emarts
i. Army Zonal SAF Emarts
ii. Flexi SAF Emarts FAQ

List of helplines

November 28, 2017

National Council of Social Service (NCSS)
Download List of Helplines (PDF).
Download Assistance Schemes (PDF).
Download Mental Health Services Resource Directory (PDF)



Shan You Counselling Centre: 6741-9293/6741-0078 (Mandarin counselling)

Institute of Mental Health: 6389-2222

Singapore Association for Mental Health: 1800-283-7019

Care Corner Counselling Centre: 6353-1180


Some helplines which are useful for parents and teenagers looking for some expert advice:

  • Child Protection and Welfare Services (MSF): For reporting of child abuse – 1800-777 0000
  • Samaritans of Singapore (SOS): Provides emotional support to those who are in despair or distressed – 1800-221-4444
  • YouthlineChampions youth causes – 6336-3434
  • Pregnancy Crisis ServiceUnwed teenagers who face unplanned, unwanted pregnancies can call for help – 6339-9770
  • Teen Challenge: Provides faith-based and community-based programmes and services – 1800-829-2222
  • Touchline: Provides counselling to troubled teens and youth 1800-377-2252
  • eCounselling Centre (eC2): An online facility offering free counselling to youth – 6787 1125
  • MeToYou Cyber Care: A cyber wellness programme for youth aged 12-18 years old – 6274 6904 / 9173 1766 
  • Tinkle FriendFor primary school students, especially children who are alone at home, who need someone to chat with or discuss problems with – 1800-2744 788 

School fees for foreigners, PRs to increase from 2018

October 18, 2017

TODAY, 17 Oct 2017, School fees for foreigners, PRs to increase from 2018


The MOE also said there are currently no plans to adjust school fees for Singapore citizens. Singaporeans pay no school fees in primary school, but pay S$5 and S$6 monthly in secondary school and pre-university, respectively.

For some non-citizen parents who send their children to public schools, the higher school fees will be financially taxing, but most also noted that while the gap was narrowing, school fees international schools charge are still much higher — these range from around S$20,000 to S$35,000 a year.


For instance, Dover Court International School Singapore charges S$25,200 annually – or S$2,100 monthly – for upper primary students, whereas the Australian International School charges S$33,646 annually – or S$2,804 monthly – for elementary school students.


TODAY had also reported that figures from the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) show as of end-August, there were about 76,000 international students on Student’s Pass who are enrolled in private and government-run schools and institutions, including the polytechnics and universities in Singapore. In 2008, the number stood at close to 100,000, previous reports stated. The ICA issues the Student’s Pass for foreigners applying to study here.

Asked previously whether the ministry had turned away more applicants in the last few years and about the intake of foreign students, MOE would only say international students form about 5 per cent of the total student population in the last few years.