NTU freshmen guaranteed 2-year stay on campus

March 17, 2017

TODAY, 16 Mar 2017, NTU freshmen guaranteed 2-year stay on campus

Currently, the monthly rental fee for a single room ranges from S$340 to S$425 per student, while those staying in twin-sharing rooms each pay S$245 to S$320. Prof Kwok said that with more than 90 per cent of current demand met, there are no plans for the time being to build more residential halls in NTU. In recent years, demand for residential places has also gone up or are set to go up in other universities.

NUS charges the fees on a weekly basis: Those staying in single rooms pay a weekly rate of about S$110 to S$145 per student, while the weekly rate for a double room is S$75 per student.

Legal tender for coins

March 17, 2017

TNP, 17 Mar 2017,  MAS looking at legal tender limit for coins

Current limits
$2 per denomination for five-cent, 10-cent and 20-cent coins, and $10 for 50-cent coins. There is no current limit for payment using one-dollar coins.

Proposed limits
Uniform legal tender limit of 10 coins per denomination in a single transaction for all denominations. This means that a payer can use up to 10 pieces each of five-cent, 10-cent, 20-cent, 50-cent and one-dollar coins per transaction. The maximum amount you can use coins to pay for a single transaction is S$18.50.

Consultation Paper on Revised Legal Tender Limit for Coins

Free Sophos Home – Free business-grade security for your home Macs and PCs

March 15, 2017


Resveratrol and Cancer Prevention

March 2, 2017

*RESERVE™ CAP-e Test Results

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Dr. William Li, President and Medical Director of the Angiogenesis Foundation shared that we can eat to starve cancer. Cancer is just 5-10% attributable to genes, while the remaining is Environment and mainly due to our diet. Resveratrol in Red grapes & Red wine inhibits angiogenesis by 60%! That is what we should be having in our daily diet. Resveratrol is thought to limit the spread of cancer cells and trigger the process of cancer cell death (apoptosis). Resveratrol has also been known to reduce the activation of NF kappa B, a protein produced by a compromised immune system that can affect the growth of cancer cells.

Originally studies were conducted to investigate the “French Paradox”, a term coined by Dr. Serge Renaud, that the French seem to have lower rates of cardiovascular disease with a diet relatively high saturated fats. He found that a diet high in red wine correlated to a lower incidence of cardiac diseases, which was found to be very high in resveratrol. Continued studies of resveratrol conducted by Howitz and Sinclair found that in yeast, fruit flies, and small fish there were significant increases in lifespan. Later studies in mice found that there were drops in tumor formations, reductions in the incidents of neurological diseases, and protective benefits to the cardiovascular system.

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Fresh grads finding it harder to land full-time jobs

February 23, 2017

TODAY, 22 Feb 2017, Fresh grads finding it harder to land full-time jobs: Survey


TODAY, 23 Feb 2017, One year, 50 applications before he gets first job

TNP, 23 Feb 2017, More graduates settling for temporary gigs

Salary Data & Career Research Center (Singapore)

Inform AVA when you sell or give away your dog

February 1, 2017

TODAY, 31 Jan 2017, New pet dog licensing rules to kick in from March 1: AVA


SINGAPORE – From March 1, pet businesses must ensure that all dogs intended for sale are licensed by the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) before they are sold, the authority said on Tuesday (Jan 31). Pet businesses include pet importers, dog farms and pet shops.

To ensure that pet dogs continue to be licensed and traceable when they are sold, pet businesses must also transfer the ownership of the dogs to their new owners upon sale, which can be done using the AVA’s online Pet Animal Licensing System (PALS).

In addition, individual dog owners who sell or give away their dogs will have to inform AVA that they are no longer keeping the dogs. These owners will also be required to provide AVA with the particulars of the dog’s new owners, which can also be done using PALS.


For example, the licence fee for one to 10 dogs is S$50 per annum, while the fees for having 101 to 200 dogs is S$1,000 per annum.

Those convicted of keeping an unlicensed dog face a fine of up to $5,000, while recalcitrant pet businesses may have their licences suspended or revoked, said the AVA.

For more information, visit the AVA’s website or call the 24-hour hotline at 1800 476 1600.

Giant clam shells are protected species

February 1, 2017

TNP, 1 Feb 2017, NUS students lambasted for taking giant clam shell
ST, 31 Jan 2017, NUS sailing trip draws flak after students return with giant clam shell


Last month, 12 NUS students and alumni sailed to Indonesia’s Riau Islands for a week with Associate Professor Martin Henz, who teaches at NUS’ School of Computing and Faculty of Engineering.

They returned to Singapore with shells, including a giant clam shell, as keepsakes.

Environment groups and researchers pointed out that the giant clam is a protected species under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (Cites) and proper permits are needed before any animal parts can be imported across borders, including dead clam shells.

Giant clams play an important role in the building of coral reefs. Even after they die, their shells are deposited on the reefs, attracting marine life and enhancing biodiversity.Prof Henz, an avid sailor who has taken NUS students sailing in the region since 2013, said: “This has been a learning experience, and we will be more mindful of our actions in the future to neither leave anything behind nor remove anything from nature.”

How to find all encrypted files inside folders (Windows 10)

January 26, 2017

At Windows Explorer Search bar, type:

encryptionstatus:encrypted folder:c:\downloads

encryptionstatus:encrypted folder:%temp%

encryptionstatus:encrypted datemodified:this month

encryptionstatus:encrypted datemodified:‎23/‎1/‎2017

* is:encrypted


OR using the cipher command,

cipher /s:c:\temp | findstr /b /c:”E”
/b                Matches pattern if at the beginning of a line.
/c:string    Uses specified string as a literal search string.


Singapore mirrors Malaysia’s toll charge

January 17, 2017

TNP, 17 Jan 2017, Singapore mirrors Malaysia’s toll charge

Foreign cars entering Singapore will be levied a new entry charge from Feb 15, in line with earlier government pronouncements that the Republic will match similar fees implemented by Malaysia.

In an announcement yesterday, the Land Transport Authority said a reciprocal road charge of $6.40 per entry will apply at both the Tuas and Woodlands checkpoints.

It said the fee mirrors Malaysia’s road charge of RM20 (S$6.40) for non-Malaysia registered cars entering Johor, which was implemented on Nov 1 last year.



Difference between arbitration and mediation

January 10, 2017


In an arbitration, the arbitrator looks into the legal rights and wrongs of a dispute and makes a decision. Once the arbitrator has arrived at a decision, it is binding on parties whether they agree with it or not. It is very much like the way a court case is decided by a judge, except that the process does not take place in a court room, and it is not open to the public. As in a court case, there is usually a winning and a losing party in an arbitration.

In a mediation, the mediator, essentially, helps parties to settle their disputes by a process of discussion and narrowing differences. The mediator helps the parties to arrive at an agreed solution. He does not decide the dispute. A successful mediation results in an agreement signed by the parties, whereas a contested arbitration results in a decision by the arbitrator himself without the agreement of the parties. In a mediation, there is no such thing as a winning or losing party, because there is no binding decision without both parties agreeing to one.

The Singapore International Arbitration Centre handles arbitration cases in Singapore. Mediation is managed by the Singapore Mediation Centre.