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Surge in applications for unmanned drones

February 13, 2015

TODAY, 13 Feb 2015
Surge in applications for unmanned drones


Unmanned drones weighing more than 7kg (without fuel) are subject to the same strict regulations and controls as manned aircraft, such as registration, air-worthiness and flight operations requirements.

For unmanned aircraft weighing less than 7kg, a permit from the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore is needed if they are being flown within 5km of an aerodrome or, outside that radius, at an altitude higher than 61m above mean sea level.

Flying of Model Aircraft (CAAS)

Oral Reply by Senior Minister of State Josephine Teo to Parliamentary Question on Regulation of Drones, 12 Feb 2015 In Parliament

Rise of the drones – The growing use of hobby UAVs is raising safety and privacy issues, ST, Apr 15, 2014


Types of HDMI / USB connectors

June 24, 2012


Types of USB connectors

NParks FloraWeb

January 29, 2011

Welcome to NParks FloraWeb – the online plant-reference database. This comprehensive guide offers information and photographs on a wide selection of plants, and aims to make gardening easier and more enjoyable for all.