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Powershell Get-Help on keywords

January 5, 2013

“*restore*”,”checkpoint*” | % {get-help $_ }| select name, synopsis | ft -AutoSize –Wrap



Download PowerCLI v5

October 7, 2011

Grab the latest version of the world’s best PowerShell snapin. PowerCLI v5 is a client-based tool with no dependencies, and it’s downwards-compatible!

There are now FOUR VMware snap-ins installed with PowerCLI v5:

Get-PSSnapin vmware*

There are 293 cmdlets in total across these snap-ins. Here they are, grouped by Noun and Verb:

$c = Get-Command -Module vmware*
$c | group verb
$c | group noun


Windows PowerShell Features from Microsoft

January 15, 2011

Updated: December 15, 2010

Applies To: Windows PowerShell 2.0

This topic lists the Windows PowerShell features that are offered by Microsoft and provides links to descriptions of the features and to information about how to install them. These features enable you to use Windows PowerShell to administer, maintain, configure, and develop new features for Windows.

Windows PowerShell Survival Guide

PowerShell at the tip of your browser

August 12, 2009

Must have tool for System Administrator !!

A PowerShell browser toolbar using Conduit community toolbars. It provides one-click access to many PowerShell related resources. Any changes the developer makes to the toolbar will automatically be seen by users who installed it, no need to reinstall. The toolbar works on IE and also on any platform that Firefox runs on: Mac, Linux and Windows. If you want the toolbar to be available for both browsers, run setup on each one separately. The toolbar is still in progress and will be updated constantly.

Download Toolbar here

Free PowerShell Commands for Active Directory

September 16, 2008

The ActiveRoles Management Shell for Active Directory is a set of predefined commands for Windows PowerShell, the new command line and scripting language developed by Microsoft. These commands are designed to help administrators automate common, repetitive and bulk management tasks such as creating, removing or updating objects in Active Directory.

PowerGUI, a graphical user interface and script editor for Windows PowerShell

July 23, 2008

Welcome to – an open source community for PowerGUI, a graphical user interface and script editor for Windows PowerShell

Download the Latest Build Version 1.5 of PowerGUI NOW!

PowerShell Plus 1.0 Soft Launch

June 25, 2008

Our 3rd generation PowerShell Host and Development Environment – PowerShell Plus has reached 1.0

“It’s NOT Visual Studio.  It IS what administrators and designers need to quickly hammer out dynamic solutions to tricky problems of management and configuration of complex systems/applications. WOW!” (anonymous comment on the PowerShell Team Blog)

Windows PowerShell 2.0 Community Technology Preview (CTP)

November 9, 2007

Windows PowerShell 2.0 CTP introduces several significant features to Windows PowerShell 1.0 that extends its use, improves its usability, and allows you to control and manage the Windows environment more easily and comprehensively.

1. PowerShell Remoting
This enables you to execute Cmdlets and Scripts remotely. Note that PowerShell 2.0 and WinRM (Windows Remote Management – WS-Man) have to be installed on the remote computers

Download the Windows PowerShell Graphical Help File

November 2, 2007

Windows PowerShell Quick Reference
Windows PowerShell Week Script Samples

Windows PowersHell

October 23, 2007

Windows PowerShell 1.0 English Language Installation Packages for Windows Server 2003 SP1 and for Windows XP SP2

Scripting with Windows PowerShell

Converting VBScript Commands to Windows PowerShell Commands

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