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Resveratrol and Cancer Prevention

March 2, 2017

*RESERVE™ CAP-e Test Results

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Dr. William Li, President and Medical Director of the Angiogenesis Foundation shared that we can eat to starve cancer. Cancer is just 5-10% attributable to genes, while the remaining is Environment and mainly due to our diet. Resveratrol in Red grapes & Red wine inhibits angiogenesis by 60%! That is what we should be having in our daily diet. Resveratrol is thought to limit the spread of cancer cells and trigger the process of cancer cell death (apoptosis). Resveratrol has also been known to reduce the activation of NF kappa B, a protein produced by a compromised immune system that can affect the growth of cancer cells.

Originally studies were conducted to investigate the “French Paradox”, a term coined by Dr. Serge Renaud, that the French seem to have lower rates of cardiovascular disease with a diet relatively high saturated fats. He found that a diet high in red wine correlated to a lower incidence of cardiac diseases, which was found to be very high in resveratrol. Continued studies of resveratrol conducted by Howitz and Sinclair found that in yeast, fruit flies, and small fish there were significant increases in lifespan. Later studies in mice found that there were drops in tumor formations, reductions in the incidents of neurological diseases, and protective benefits to the cardiovascular system.


Ask Kopi Kakis

December 30, 2016

To communicate government policies to the public in a simple and accessible way, PA introduced the Ask Kopi Kakis (AKK) initiative in all Community Centres/Clubs (CCs). Residents can learn more about key government policies and schemes that they can benefit from by visiting any of the Ask Kopi Kakis kiosks conveniently located at 108 CCs island wide.

The Ask Kopi Kakis booklets, a set of three easy-to-read policy booklets, contain bite-sized details on a wide range of topics ranging from healthcare subsidies and housing grants, to transport and education schemes that are of interest to residents at various stages of their lives.

It is grouped into three themes that people would find relevant in different stages of their lives: Getting Ahead In My Career (PDF), Caring For My Family (PDF) and Caring For Seniors (PDF).

Residents can visit their nearest CCs to get a copy of the Ask Kopi Kakis booklets.

Cost of medical check-up for renewal of driving licence

December 13, 2016

Cost of medical check-up for renewal of driving licence: Polyclinic group replies
NOV 25, 2016, 2:35 PM SGT

We thank Mr Long Dengyao for his feedback (“Reduce cost of medical check-up for validation of driving licence“; Forum Online, Nov 21).

We have contacted Mr Long to explain that the medical examination fee for the renewal of a driving licence for drivers aged 65 and above at the National Healthcare Group Polyclinics is $30.60. This covers the doctor’s and nurse’s time for the clinical assessment.

A separate doctor’s fee of $12.60 for adults or $6.80 for those aged 65 and above will be charged only if the patient is also consulting the doctor for a medical condition during the visit.

Serene Teo (Ms)
Assistant Director
Finance Department
National Healthcare Group Polyclinics


Inactive ActiveSG members’ credits to expire on Dec 31

December 12, 2016

ST, 30 Nov 2016 Credits for inactive ActiveSG members to expire on Dec 31

If you have not used your ActiveSG dollars, you have two weeks left to extend the $100 in credits for another year. ActiveSG was launched in April 2014 to encourage more citizens and permanent residents to live a healthy lifestyle. All members, upon signing up, are eligible for the complimentary $100 ActiveSG credit.

For members who signed up but did not use their credits, the credits will expire by the end of the year. But they can extend the validity of the ActiveSG dollars by performing a transaction on the ActiveSG website or app. Users must have made a transaction before Dec 31 this year, to extend the validity of their dollars until Dec 31, 2017. Users who signed up before Jan 1 this year and have made at least one transaction at any point will automatically have their ActiveSG dollars expiry date extended to Dec 31, 2017.

Simply perform any web or app transaction, or scan-in to any of our 26 swimming complexes and 16 gyms island-wide today to extend the validity.


Resveratrol & Cancer Prevention

November 6, 2016

LearningIn10 Portal

September 25, 2016

Called LearningIn10, the portal features around 150 videos on 15 topics such as paediatrics, infectious diseases, psychiatry, obstetrics and gynaecology. The videos run for 10 minutes and feature mainly slides and a voice-over explanation by a medical specialist or a faculty member from the SingHealth Duke-NUS Academic Medical Centre.


Q&A on Zika and dengue

September 1, 2016

TODAY, 1 Sep 2016, Q&A: Zika and dengue a potential double whammy?

Q: Is it possible for the same mosquito to carry both dengue and Zika viruses? What about someone being infected with both viruses at the same time?

Associate Professor Hsu Li Yang, programme leader of the antimicrobial resistance programme at the Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health: The major urban mosquito in Singapore, Aedes aegypti, is able to transmit both Zika and dengue viruses. However, I am not aware of any research that has attempted to infect a single mosquito with both viruses concurrently. In theory, it should be possible. There is a report documenting concurrent infection with dengue and Zika in two patients from New Caledonia. Both survived and the concurrent infection did not appear to result in a worse illness. There is also a report this year of a rare triple infection with dengue, Zika and chikungunya in a pregnant woman from Colombia. She also apparently did well, as did the unborn baby.


Hourly PM2.5 haze readings with pollution level

June 29, 2016

NEA’s enhanced PM2.5 readings will come with banding and descriptors.

The four ranges, which come with band numbers and descriptors, are:
I Normal – 0 to 55 ug/m3 or micrograms per cubic metre
II Elevated – 56 to 150 ug/m3
III High – 151 to 250 ug/m3
IV Very High – 251 ug/m3 and above


List of Portable Air Cleaners (For Smoke Haze) and Suppliers



NEA vision: Ban on smoking in all public areas

June 9, 2016

TODAY, 9 Jun 2016, NEA vision: Ban on smoking in all public areas


The National Environment Agency (NEA) thanks Ms Sherley Servos and Ms Liu I-Chun for their views and suggestions (“NEA should work closely with public to enforce smoking ban”; May 31 and “Have entire smoke-free zones in public places”; May 30, online).

The NEA is working actively towards our vision of prohibiting smoking in all public spaces other than designated
smoking areas.

Smoking is now prohibited in more than 32,000 premises.

And from June 1, smokers can no longer light up at reservoirs, parks under JTC Corporation’s purview, parks in public housing estates managed by the respective town councils, and neighbourhood parks under the National Parks Board within private housing estates.


Food stalls at pasar malams also require NEA licence

May 20, 2016

TODAY, 18 May 2016, Food stalls at pasar malams also require NEA licence


The National Environment Agency (NEA) refers to Mr Ronnie Poon’s letter “Authorities should monitor food hygiene at pasar malams” (May 11).

We wish to highlight to him that anyone intending to operate an outlet where food and/or drinks are prepared for sale to the public, including a pasar malam stall, will need to apply for a licence from the NEA.

This is required under the Environmental Public Health Act to ensure cleanliness and hygienic food preparation in food retail outlets. Licensed operators have a responsibility for ensuring that food sold is safe for consumption.

Food handlers must register with the NEA and pass the mandatory Basic Food Hygiene Course. Education is key, as they are responsible for applying what they have learnt from the course and for practising good personal and food hygiene. (more…)