Excel Shortcut key for selecting column does not work

Normally, in Excel, to select a column, you will use the shortcut key <Ctrl-Space>.

If it’s not working, you may have Chinese IME installed as it uses the same shortcut key <Ctrl-Space>.

Resolution: Right click on the EN icon on taskbar, Settings, Advanced Key Settings, Select Chinese (Simplified) IME, click “Change Key Sequence”, choose your preference and click OK. Logoff and login your account to reflect the changes.


9 Responses to “Excel Shortcut key for selecting column does not work”

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  2. T Says:

    Thank you. Exactly what my problem was.

  3. chanchal sheik Says:

    Simple and but helpful – Thankyou

  4. Raymond Says:

    Right on! Solved my problem in a minute – Thank You!

  5. Justin Says:

    Thanks. It helped.

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  9. Rounak Mundhra Says:

    How do i do it in Macbook?

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