Resveratrol and Cancer Prevention

*RESERVE™ CAP-e Test Results

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Dr. William Li, President and Medical Director of the Angiogenesis Foundation shared that we can eat to starve cancer. Cancer is just 5-10% attributable to genes, while the remaining is Environment and mainly due to our diet. Resveratrol in Red grapes & Red wine inhibits angiogenesis by 60%! That is what we should be having in our daily diet. Resveratrol is thought to limit the spread of cancer cells and trigger the process of cancer cell death (apoptosis). Resveratrol has also been known to reduce the activation of NF kappa B, a protein produced by a compromised immune system that can affect the growth of cancer cells.

Originally studies were conducted to investigate the “French Paradox”, a term coined by Dr. Serge Renaud, that the French seem to have lower rates of cardiovascular disease with a diet relatively high saturated fats. He found that a diet high in red wine correlated to a lower incidence of cardiac diseases, which was found to be very high in resveratrol. Continued studies of resveratrol conducted by Howitz and Sinclair found that in yeast, fruit flies, and small fish there were significant increases in lifespan. Later studies in mice found that there were drops in tumor formations, reductions in the incidents of neurological diseases, and protective benefits to the cardiovascular system.

Resveratrol Counters Pro-Atherogenic Effects of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus and Rheumatoid Arthritis Plasma On Cholesterol Efflux in Human Macrophages

Resveratrol ameliorates lupus by epigenetic modulation of Foxp3 and IL-17 genes



David Sinclair at TEDMED Discussing Resveratrol, Longevity, Endurance, and Sirtuins

What is Resveratrol? Benefits of Red Wine

Defend Yourself Against Free Radicals with Resveratrol!

Cardiovascular Benefits Of Resveratrol (Video 14)

Mohnal Mehta – Investigating Resveratrol as a Chemotheraputic Agent

北京養生堂 白藜蘆醇


我是大醫生 20151008 十二秒生死队列


白藜蘆醇 對慢性病、心臟病與肝病的幫助 健康最前線 第38集

白藜蘆醇 對男、女性更年期與骨骼疏鬆的幫助 健康最前線 第39集

20120423 公視晚間新聞 榮總白藜蘆醇治癌 醫療新突破


葡萄皮萃取物 能抑制癌幹細胞-民視新聞


女人我最大牛爾老師談 “白藜蘆醇” Resveratrol 抗老效果

美商 婕斯環球集團 Reserve™沛泉菁華被刊登在台湾综艺节目女人我最大美容秘诀

北京卫视《养生堂》– 介绍白藜芦醇的功效 – 2014.09


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