Salaries of poly grads across courses

ST, 9 Jan 2017, Poly grads’ starting pay rises after flat two years

The graduating class of 2015 who landed full-time jobs were hired on a median monthly salary of $2,100, compared with $2,000 in 2013 and 2014.

The monthly pay of graduates who had completed national service (NS) after finishing school in 2012 also moved up by $100 to $2,500.

The survey, which involved 10,513 graduates from last year and 4,876 post-NS graduates who completed their diploma course in 2012, also compared the pay levels of polytechnic graduates across different courses. Those with diplomas in built environment, engineering and maritime, and health sciences were the best paid.


Past Results
Demand for Polytechnic graduates has consistently been strong.

GES 2015
– Press release for GES 2015 (Dated 8 Jan 2016)
– MOM Report on Graduate Starting Salary 2015
GES 2014
– Press release for GES 2014 (Dated 15 Jan 2015)
– MOM Report on Graduate Starting Salary 2014

Source of MOM reports: MOM Statistics & Publications


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