Inactive ActiveSG members’ credits to expire on Dec 31

ST, 30 Nov 2016 Credits for inactive ActiveSG members to expire on Dec 31

If you have not used your ActiveSG dollars, you have two weeks left to extend the $100 in credits for another year. ActiveSG was launched in April 2014 to encourage more citizens and permanent residents to live a healthy lifestyle. All members, upon signing up, are eligible for the complimentary $100 ActiveSG credit.

For members who signed up but did not use their credits, the credits will expire by the end of the year. But they can extend the validity of the ActiveSG dollars by performing a transaction on the ActiveSG website or app. Users must have made a transaction before Dec 31 this year, to extend the validity of their dollars until Dec 31, 2017. Users who signed up before Jan 1 this year and have made at least one transaction at any point will automatically have their ActiveSG dollars expiry date extended to Dec 31, 2017.

Simply perform any web or app transaction, or scan-in to any of our 26 swimming complexes and 16 gyms island-wide today to extend the validity.



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