Private surgeons’ fees to be publicised

TODAY, 6 Oct 2016, Private surgeons’ fees to be publicised


SINGAPORE — The public can now get a sense of how much private hospitals charge for various surgical procedures, down to the surgeons’ and anaesthetists’ fees, with the Ministry of Health (MOH) now including total operation fees of the private sector among the data published on its website.


For the private sector, the total operation fees are broken down into three components — surgeon fees, anaesthetist fees and procedure-related facility fees. The MOH said there is no equivalent breakdown for public hospitals, as surgeons and anaesthetists in public hospitals do not charge a separate fee.


But the data published are not fee guidelines, and while they are “usually helpful” for common elective conditions when patients have the time to choose, they may not be helpful in emergencies, said Dr Wong.

Total Operation Fees – By Procedure
Total Hospital Bills – By condition/procedure



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