Quick simple advice on how to tackle common legal issues

ST Paper, 2 Jul 2016, Quick, simple advice on how to tackle common legal issues


If it is your first time dealing with a lawsuit or a court case, this is a good stop. This independent charity offers a wide range of aid, including referrals to legal services agencies and legal information. CJC is based in the State Courts and aims to ensure that litigants in person (LIPs) have access to justice through community partnership. The website lists programmes and support services available to help people who need legal aid for cases that include civil claims of less than $60,000, as well as divorce and criminal cases.

You can also download the Justice@State Courts mobile app from Google Play or the App Store to access the relevant information using mobile devices. Visit the State Courts’ YouTube channel for informational videos about key processes, and check out the Facebook page for updates on their programmes.

The Law Society offers a downloadable booklet titled Know The Law. This includes information about most of the common legal issues. You can also check out the Pamphlet Of Rights posted by the Society, which provides basic information in a condensed and simple-to-understand form. The pamphlet covers the relevant rights that a person has when being questioned by the police and the process that he or she should expect during investigations.

Singapore Free Legal Clinics
This website provides a listing of all free legal clinics in Singapore, including the Community Legal Clinics.

This is an online collation of questions and answers relating to legal issues. If you need legal help, you can submit questions here to members of the legal fraternity. Members of the public also share their legal experiences here, and you can read their accounts for guidance. The website is supported by a network of local lawyers who have volunteered to contribute their time and effort to help those in need.

This website connects individuals and small businesses according to their legal needs. It also has a Facebook page. Users can read about common legal issues from the comprehensive database of articles. Where needed, the site also helps users to contact relevant lawyers and get quotations for advice on legal matters. The website – which started out as a blog in 2012 by then Singapore Management University law undergraduate Chan Yuk Lun – now gets more than 60,000 unique visitors a month.


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