Govt has strengthened support for laid-off PMETs

TODAY, 7/6/2016, Govt has strengthened support for laid-off PMETs


The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) shares the concerns Mr Raymond Koh highlighted in “Holistic solution needed to problem of laid-off PMETs” (May 31).

The global economic outlook has weakened since the start of the year, and Singapore is not immune to these external developments. Amid softer economic conditions and as the economy restructures, redundancies are expected in sectors affected by weak external demand.

To strengthen employment support, the MOM introduced the Adapt and Grow initiative in April, which helps Singaporeans adapt to changing job demands so as to be placed in a job as soon as possible.

This includes enhancements to programmes such as the Career Support Programme, which now provides wage support to employers who hire professionals, managers, executives and technicians (PMETs) made redundant who are unemployed for six months or more; and PMETs aged 40 and above made redundant or who are unemployed for six months or more.

We are also helping Singaporeans who wish to enter a different industry or occupation to grow their careers.

Professional Conversion Programmes help eligible PMETs to be placed with companies and undergo structured training to acquire skills needed for the new job in which they are placed. Employers receive salary support and training subsidies during the period of training.

The scheme has benefitted more than 7,000 PMETs so far, and new programmes are being introduced in more than 20 sectors, including recently the wafer fabrication industry and the infocomm technology sector.

More PMETs will also be matched with small and medium enterprises through the P-Max scheme.

The Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA) and the Employment and Employability Institute (e2i) have stepped up employment facilitation efforts by organising more job fairs and preparatory workshops, and running career centres that assist Singaporeans in their job search process.

Taken together, these initiatives provide opportunities for Singaporeans who may have been displaced to be equipped with relevant skills and find employment.

We urge individuals who need assistance to approach WDA and e2i career centres in their job search.

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