Stiffer fines for repeat offenders who leave vehicle engine idling

CNA, 29/4/2016

Starting Jun 1, motorists caught leaving their vehicle engines idling for a second or subsequent time will face a fine of S$100, up from the current S$70. If the fine is not paid, the errant motorist is liable to a maximum fine of S$5,000 upon conviction in court.

Under the Environmental Protection and Management (Vehicular Emissions) Regulations, it is an offence to leave a vehicle engine running when it is stationary for reasons other than traffic conditions.

The regulations apply to all types of motor vehicles, except vehicles that require their engines to be switched on for operation of on-board machinery, such as chiller trucks and concrete mixers; taxis or buses in a queue at their designated stops, stands or terminals waiting to pick up or drop off passengers; vehicles used for law enforcement or emergency purposes, such as ambulances, SCDF or police vehicles; or vehicles undergoing inspection or maintenance.

Members of the public, who spot parked idling vehicles, are encouraged to report them to NEA and provide details such as vehicle registration number, location, date and time of the incident, it added.




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