Running your own business from your HDB flat

1. Home Based Small Scale Business Scheme
With this scheme, you can run permissible activities for an informal small-scale business from home and supplement your household income.

Permissible businesses for residents
These are some examples of the businesses that are permissible under our Home Based Small Scale Business Scheme. They will give you a clearer idea of what business activities you can and cannot carry out in your flat.

  • Baking on a small scale for sale, without turning the flat into a bakery
  • Hairdressing, beauty, manicure, or pedicure services*
  • Office work using a computer linked to the main office computer/ network
  • Piecemeal work from a factory on a work rate basis
  • Private tuition for not more than 3 students at a time
  • Sewing work
  • Work as a freelance artist, journalist, photographer, or writer
    * Massage services are not allowed in HDB flats.

2. Home Office Scheme
With our Home Office Scheme, you can use your flat to operate an approved business with up to 2 non-resident staff, or to run the administrative functions of your business. This gives you the unique opportunity to make greater use of your home.

3. HDB’s “Hub for Business” or HBiz provides an effective way for our industrial property tenants and owners to list their companies as well as products. Members can also list business opportunities, job vacancies or even invite e-quotation via the website.

As part of HDB’s effort to promote entrepreneurship, HDB is offering a FREE HBiz membership. Through this free membership project, we hope to create opportunities for business collaboration between our industrial property tenants/ owners and Home Office businesses.

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