Report any accidents to your insurers

Motorist’s insurance claim: Aviva replies, ST, 21/11/2015

Following Mr Goh Poh Thiam’s letter (“Set up agency to investigate questionable insurance claims”; Wednesday), we have contacted him to clarify the miscommunication. To ensure that claims submitted are consistent with the damage caused by an accident, we may engage a motor surveyor to assess the vehicle. This also acts as a safeguard to ensure that the repair costs are justified before we pay out the claims. In cases where customers prefer to enter a private settlement with the other driver, we provide a form on our website for their use.

However, we strongly recommend that drivers report any accidents to their insurers, regardless of whether or not they intend to submit a claim. Their insurers would be best placed to advise on the next steps to take, which can help protect customers from being caught in an unfavourable situation later on. We will continue to keep in close contact with Mr Goh to resolve his claim as quickly as possible.

Pan Jing Long
Head of General Insurance
Aviva Singapore


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