Seniors’ Mobility and Enabling Fund (SMF)

ST Forums, 19/7/2015, Subsidies for aged care: AIC replies


The Seniors’ Mobility and Enabling Fund (SMF) provides subsidies for mobility aids and devices. Singaporeans aged 60 and above with a household monthly income per person of $1,800 or below, and who require these devices, can qualify for the SMF. If seniors have a valid Community Health Assist Scheme card, no further means testing is needed for SMF.

For SMF subsidies for a commode, which Ms Ho had inquired about, the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) had suggested arranging for a therapist to visit her grandmother-in-law to assess her care needs and recommend an appropriate device. Such assessments would have been at no cost to seniors who require SMF devices.

For added convenience, there are currently more than 80 access points islandwide for people to apply for the SMF, including day and senior care centres, and public and community hospitals. If a senior is receiving care at any of these places, they would be able to assist the senior and families with the assessment and application.

Alternatively, AIC is able to arrange for its own therapist to visit the senior at home, and recommend the appropriate device. A special trip to the hospital for an assessment is, hence, not necessary. The SMF also subsidises consumables, such as adult diapers, which Ms Ho had also inquired about. Very frail seniors who need and are receiving Ministry of Health subsidised home healthcare services can apply for the SMF to further defray the cost of care.


The public can call the Singapore Silver Line on 1800-650-6060 or visit our AICare Links for more information on the SMF and assistance for aged care. To find an AICare Link near you, please visit

Andy Seet
Corporate and Marketing Communications


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