GST for medical bills: Iras replies

GST for medical bills: Iras replies, ST Forum, 3 Jun 2015


GST-registered organisations, including hospitals and clinics, have to charge GST on the value of their goods and services.

For government-funded public hospitals and polyclinics that are providing subsidised medical services, GST on these subsidised medical services is absorbed by the Government. Therefore, subsidised patients in public hospitals and polyclinics do not pay any GST.

On the other hand, the GST on the goods and services provided by GST-registered private clinics is not absorbed by the Government.

Yvonne Yim (Ms)
Corporate Communications
Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (Iras)

More Info – Goods and Services Tax (GST): What It Is and How It WorksGST-registered businesses


2 Responses to “GST for medical bills: Iras replies”

  1. jtxmisc Says:

    Info sangat menarik, sukses ya mas.. , Adrianne

  2. jtxmisc Says:

    nice info mas , Afric

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