Dog Licensing by AVA

Licensing Requirements

All dogs must be properly confined within the owner’s premises. If your dog is in a public place, it must be leashed, properly supervised and controlled.

You are required to:
• renew licence annually
• inform AVA of the change of ownership of your dog
• inform AVA of change of address where your dog is kept
• inform AVA if your dog is lost or died
• meet licence conditions

You are allowed by HDB or your estate management to keep the dog in the registered premises as stated in your licence application.
The dog licence is only for licensing purposes and is not an approval for you to keep the dog at the stated premises.
You may be compounded for the offence if you breach the rules or licence conditions. To avoid higher penalty in court and unnecessary inconvenience, please settle your penalty on time.

Licensing of Scheduled Dogs
Scheduled dogs

Potentially dangerous dog breeds are listed under Scheduled Dogs of the Animals and Birds (Dog Licensing and Control) Rules. They are more frequently reported to attack people and additional measures are put in place to tighten the control to minimise attacks on people.

All dog breeds listed in Part I Scheduled Dogs are not allowed to be brought into Singapore for sale in pet shops or by existing dog owners from overseas who are coming into Singapore with their dogs. Part I Scheduled Dogs must also be sterilised if they are over 6 months of age.

Find out more about Scheduled Dogs and the summary of control measures with effect from 15 November 2010.

Non-HDB premises
As of 15 November 2010, only 1 dog breed listed in Scheduled Dogs can be licensed per non-HDB premise.

HDB premises
Under the Housing and Development Board (Animals) Rules 1989, any dog breed listed in Scheduled Dogs cannot be kept in a HDB residential unit.

Dog breeds listed in Scheduled Dogs are subject to additional licensing conditions. You can get a maximum fine of S$5,000 if you do not comply with the rules

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