Safeguarding maid employers’ personal data

“Safeguarding maid employers’ personal data”; ST Forum, 6 Mar 2015


Through AEAS’ intervention, Mr Cabe has agreed that employment agencies would not be required to submit documents that contain confidential information on the FDW’s employer to the embassy.

We assure agencies and employers that we have successfully addressed the concerns and safeguarded employers’ confidential information. This will be relayed to all agencies accredited by the embassy.

K. Jayaprema (Ms)
Association of Employment Agencies, Singapore

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“Not safe to reveal employers’ details to third party”; ST Forum, 24 Feb 2015


One of the forms attached to the IPA details the employer’s private and confidential information, such as financial status, occupation and place of work, date of birth, and identity card numbers and birth certificate numbers of family members.

How this information serves to protect the Filipino workers’ interest is baffling.


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