More eateries charging for glass of water

More eateries charging for glass of water
Published on Feb 8, 2015 5:53 AM


The Saveur Group started putting a 30-cent price tag on each refillable glass of water at two of its French restaurants and its Italian restaurant in October last year.

“If you ask for ice water at a coffee shop, it costs 30 cents, so we decided on this price.”

About two to three years ago, Chinese restaurant chain Crystal Jade also started charging 30 cents for boiled water and this practice is currently in place at 21 of its 25 outlets here.

Another food and beverage brand, Skinny Pizza, stopped serving plain water for free in April last year. It now charges 50 cents for a glass of water flavoured with herbs and fruits such as mint and strawberries.

10 restaurants that charge for tap water

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Are Restaurants Required To Provide Water? (In England, any business that serves alcohol must also provide complementary water. Similarly, in France, restaurants cannot refuse complementary tap water to consumers, upon request)

Restaurant Association of Singapore (RAS)


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