MOM removes WSH accreditation of four firms over lax courses

MOM removes WSH accreditation of four firms over lax courses
TODAY, 11 Dec 2014, Yvonne Lim


The violations of the four errant companies — Safety Council, Safety Academy, Foster Asia Pacific and Global Tech Training Solutions – compromised the integrity and robustness of their WSH courses, the ministry added.

Workers have to attend and pass WSH courses such as the Construction Safety Orientation Course and Shipyard Safety Instruction Course, which these companies also ran, to be issued a work permit.

The courses educate workers on measures to safeguard against accidents and incidents, and about their rights and responsibilities under the employment law.

… the directors of the three other errant companies – Mr Ong Lai Huat and Ms Lee Kok Moi, who both run Safety Council and Safety Academy, and Mr Adrian Yeo of Foster Asia Pacific – have been blacklisted. Any new companies that they start or join will be banned from running WSH courses for two years, the ministry said.

The MOM’s commissioner for WSH, Mr Ho Siong Hin, said the ministry will continue auditing training providers to ensure WSH courses are properly conducted, adding that it “will not hesitate to take action against (those) … found to have malpractice”.

Employers and trainees may report poor training practices in WSH courses to the MOM at 6438 5122 or All information submitted will be kept strictly confidential.


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