General Advisory For Scams

Scams (Singapore Police Force)
Scammers are always coming up with new and innovative scams to cheat victims. Scammers use various communication platforms such as telephone calls, SMSes or online websites to reach out to their victims. Scammers will usually try to convince their victims into believing that they are trustworthy. Scammers will also manipulate their victims’ emotions such as fear or greed.

General Advisory For Scams
• Always be wary if approached directly by strangers or through telephone or emails;
• Always check on the credibility of information or messages that you are receiving. For instance you can check with friends or family members;
• Do not disclose your user account IDs, passwords, PINs and credit card details over email. No email service providers, banks, financial institutions, companies or website administrators would email their customers to request for or verify their user account information, passwords or PIN for security reasons;
• Do not transfer any money via remittance agencies, banks or any other means to anyone whom you do not know;
• Remember that offers that are too good to be true are probably not; and
• Call the Police immediately at ‘999’ to report the scam.


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