Instant TV – Enjoy Singapore FTA TV Online For Free

Never miss a show again. Watch TV online or record to catch up on your favorite shows later. Enjoy Singapore FTA TV online for free.

Ad-Free TV. Skip the Ads. Now you can instantly skip them in recorded TV & save an hour each night.

InstantTV is an app by RecordTV that enables you to watch the following Channels:


11 Responses to “Instant TV – Enjoy Singapore FTA TV Online For Free”

  1. Jennie Says:

    Hi, I could not find instant TV under play store. Pls help to advise.
    Thank you.

  2. nicolask Says:

    Jennie, pls click on the link provided

    • Jolin Says:

      It always pause and when I press the start button it will restart the show everytime. And in a one hour show can happens around five times! It happen in every shows that I watch! please fix it, or I might decide to uninstall this app!

  3. Jennie Says:

    GREAT ! I hv managed to download the apps.
    How can we record the Singapore TV ?
    Thank u.

  4. Tan Says:

    i installed instant tv but it says my location is U.S. so i cannot watch the Mediacorp channels. But i am in Singapore !
    Any idea why this is happening please?

  5. elizabeth doo Says:

    I was able to download instant tv on my mobile but I can’t do it on my Samsung tablet. I am able to click the link but don’t know how to go beyond that. Can someone who knows please help me. Thank you

  6. Keen Chan Says:

    Hi, regarding Instant Tv, I am again to watch it live. But I don’t understand “Watch Now. Clicking a channel records it and plays it back.” What does that it mean? How to “play it back”?

  7. Chua Khim Mong Says:

    Hi, I can watch Ch5 and 8 but not Ch U. How to fix this. Pls advice. Thanks

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