Installing CCTV cam? Get approval first

MyPaper, 7 Oct 2014
Installing CCTV cam? Get approval first


But what many people do not know is that it is illegal to install these cameras outside their flats without permission from the town council and Housing Board. However, the police may install CCTV cameras for the purpose of deterring crime after seeking prior approval from the town council, the Nee Soon Town Council told The New Paper (TNP).


When contacted, the town council told TNP that the installation of CCTV cameras is generally not allowed on common property, including corridors and areas outside flats.

Residents who wish to install such cameras have to seek approval from the HDB.


HDB told TNP that, while it does not allow residents to install CCTV cameras, exceptions can be made in cases which involve harassment or security issues.

“However, only one camera can be installed and it is to be used for the surveillance of the area immediately outside the flat,” said the agency.

Approval is only temporary, for a period of up to six months or until the issue has been resolved, whichever is earlier, it added. After that, residents have to remove their CCTV cameras.


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