23, the legal age for maids to work in Singapore

When a maid lies about her age…
MyPaper, Jun 03, 2014

Ms Shirley Ng from Orange Employment Agency said that she goes to the home countries of domestic workers to interview them personally.

“Sometimes, when talking to them, you can just sense that they are really young, and not ready,” she said.

Photographs are unreliable, because the helpers sometimes look older than they actually are, she added.

Agencies which bring in underage maids will be penalised.

They have to bear the full cost of sending the maids home. These agencies are also issued warnings, demerit points, or both, which could lead to their licences being revoked by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), a spokesman said.

Employment agencies should exercise due diligence in verifying the foreign domestic workers’ age by interviewing them, and verifying their passports, birth documents and educational certificates, the MOM spokesman added.

MOM staff also interview the workers selectively to verify their application details.




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