Protection from Loan

Do Not Lend

As part of Moneylender’s Association of Singapore‘s (MLAS) social responsibility, MLAS has provided a feature on its website for members of the public to make an application to the moneylenders, to turn down, if loan requests are made by their relatives and loved ones. Such requests can be made by members of the public over the MLAS website followed by the sending of verification papers of the “requesting” person either by post or email. Each request is administered at a cost of $10 payable to the “Moneylender’s Association of Singapore”. Payment is to be made through cheque.

(A) This DNL (Do Not Lend) Directory (“DNL Directory”) merely serves as a point of reference for members of MLAS in their consideration of loan applications. A licensed moneylender is not bound by the DNL Directory, and may grant a loan to a person even if he is in the DNL Directory.
(B) This DNL Directory is accessible only to members of MLAS. As such, licensed moneylenders who are not members of MLAS will not have access to the DNL Directory.

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