3-D ticket and 3-D glass prices

MyPaper, 2 Jan 2014
Catching a 3-D film at Shaw? Buy glasses at $2 each


Mr Terence Heng, vice-president of media at Shaw Organisation, said the decision to sell the 3-D glasses is part of efforts to provide a more “hygienic 3-D movie experience” and to reduce their carbon footprint. “The washing of the glasses takes up a lot of water and energy to clean and dry,” he said.

Those who wish to use their previously purchased 3-D glasses across cinemas will find it difficult, due to differing technologies and screen specifications.

Golden Village, for instance, uses two different 3-D systems: RealD – which is what Cathay and Shaw use – and MasterImage. Different 3-D glasses have to be used for the two systems.

A spokesman for FilmGarde said only glasses issued by the cinema are suitable at its premises.

This is a downer for film buff Desiree Lee, 36, a delegate sales manager. “It doesn’t make sense to have three different pairs of glasses to watch movies at different cinemas,” she said.

3D ticket prices


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