Flagdown rates go up with new taxi models

Christopher Tan | The Straits Times | Thursday, Oct 24, 2013

Taxi fares are not regulated here, though operators have to meet service and safety standards. COE premiums for taxis are now around $77,000 – up from $50,000 two years ago.

ComfortDelgro, the largest operator here with 60 per cent of Singapore’s 27,400 taxis, has priced its Hyundai i40’s initial fare at $3.70.

Trans-Cab, the second largest taxi firm with about 4,400 cabs, has priced its Renault Latitudes, introduced two months ago, at $3.90.

SMRT, the third-largest player here, has ordered more than 600 Toyota Priuses. The first units will roll out on Friday (25 Oct), with a flagdown of $3.80.

This is higher than the $3.50 to $3.70 charged by Premier and Prime, two other operators with Prius cabs, and also higher than the larger Hyundai Sonata’s $3.20.

Flagdown fare

ComfortDelgro’s Hyundai i40 at $3.70.
ComfortDelgro’s Hyundai Sonata at $3.20
ComfortDelgro’s Toyota Crown (oldest) at $3.20

SMRT’s Toyota Prius at $3.80
SMRT’s Hyundai Azera at $3.80

Trans-Cab’s Renault Latitude at $3.90
Trans-Cab’s Chevrolet Epica at $3.60

Prime’s Toyota Prius at $3.70
Prime’s Toyota Vellfire at $4.50

Premier’s Toyota Prius at $3.50

How to book a taxi ?

Surcharges, fares and payment methods

premier smrt transcab comfortdelgro



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