Are you ready to step into the workforce?

Thank Your Intern

44 is the magic number

​​​​That is the maximum number of hours you are allowed to work a week* Anything extra is considered overtime (OT). OT differs per company, but according to MOM’s Employment Act, “the rate for overtime work should be no less than one and a half times his hourly basic rate of pay.” *

​If you disappear from work for 2 days without valid reason (like MC), without obtaining approval or informing beforehand, your contract with the company is considered to be broken. So remember to go to the doctor and get an MC if you’re sick!

Rest Day
You are entitled to at least one day off per week!*

There is no minimum wage law in Singapore but don’t get taken advantage of either! Ensure the contract between you and your company is satisfactory to you. Don’t go overboard as well since you are just starting out. If you are about to do an internship, remind yourself of the priceless opportunities that you will gain!

Termination of contract
Being ​responsible is one of the key things you learn during your internship. If you have to terminate your contract of service, ensure that you have the following (26weeks is 5.5months):

One day’s notice if he has been so employed for less than 26 weeks
One week’s notice if he has beeen so employed for 26 weeks or more but less than 2 years*
We wish you all the best towards you taking your next step into the workforce and hope these tips will guide you along the way!

*Dependent on the contractual clauses stated within the contract of employment between the employer and intern

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