Guidelines on civilised travel abroad by China National Tourism Administration

Beijing has issued a handy 64-page rulebook aimed at curbing the unruly behaviour of Chinese tourists abroad who have developed an ‘uncivilised’ stereotype.

文明旅游出行指南, “Guidelines on civilised travel abroad“, released by China National Tourism Administration.

Mind your manners

Do not
•Give a handkerchief in Italy as a gift because it is deemed inauspicious
•Discuss the royal family in Thailand
•Touch people’s belongings in Nepal with the foot
•Ask for pork in Islamic countries
•Call Africans “Negros” or “black”
•Use the left hand to touch other people in India
•In general, touch antiques or draw graffiti on heritage structures
•Expose the chest or back, or look dirty in public areas
•Eat a whole piece of bread in one mouthful or slurp noodles noisily inside an aircraft

•Use shower curtains in a hotel
•Keep quiet when waiting to board a plane
•Keep mobile phones turned off until the aircraft has come to a complete stop
•Be punctual if taking part in a tour group
•Arrive at a banquet hall 15 minutes early and adhere to a formal dress code

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