Driver Improvement Points System (DIPS)

Singapore’s demerit points system named the Driver Improvement Points System (DIPS) was introduced on 1 March 1983.

DIPS is designed to identify and rehabilitate errant drivers through a system of rewards and punishments. Errant motorists are thus encouraged to improve their driving behaviours on the roads with incentives to expunge their demerit points and previous suspension record as well as remission of suspension period.

Some of the Offences Committed (Demerit points)

  • Driver failing to ensure that every passenger wears a seat belt (3)
  • Failing to give way to ambulance, fire brigade or police vehicle (4)
  • Driving without due care or reasonable consideration for other road users (9)
  • Failing to conform to traffic light signals (12)
    Fine : Light Vehicle: $200 ; Heavy Vehicle : $230
  • Use of mobile telephone while driving (12)
    1st offence: Fine not exceeding $1000 or jail up to 6 months or both
    2nd and subsequent offence: Fine not exceeding $2000 or jail up to 12 months or both
  • Reckless or dangerous driving(24)
    Offender will be prosecuted in court

Welcome to Electronic Driver Data Information & Enquiry System (EDDIES)
This system allows you to check the following information.

Driving Licence Information

  • Certificate of Merit (COM)
  • Status of Driving Licence
  • Status of Driver Improvement Points (DIPS)
  • Photocard Driving Licence Delivery Status

Outstanding Traffic Offence

  • Enquiry/Payment by NRIC No./FIN of Licence Holder
  • Enquiry/Payment by Local Registered Vehicle Number
  • Enquiry/Payment by Foreign Registered Vehicle Number
  • Furnish Driver’s Particulars



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