Road rage incidents and punishments

By law, a traffic incident is classified as road rage only when there is physical assault involved. Anyone who feels victimised can report the case as a road rage incident. A person found guilty of voluntarily causing hurt (Section 323 of the Penal Code) can be imprisioned for up to 2 years, or fined $5000, or both depending on the severity of the crime. With the increase in road rage cases, police advices drivers that encounter road bullies to stay calm and not respond aggressively and recklessly.

16 Nov 2016, Jailed 10 days for German exec who punched cabbie
[Attacker – Michael Fritsch, head of business operations for Asia Pacific at T-Systems, 38] [Victim – Low Chong Peng, 52]

15 Sep 2016 – Drunk CEO jailed 2 weeks, fined $1000 for slapping cabbie
[Attacker – Jochen Thewes, of DB Schenker Logistics (Asia Pacific), 45], [Victim – Malcolm Xu, 33]

7 Sep 2015 – Student jailed 2 months for punching taxi driver and damaging Nets payment terminal
[Attacker – Nagaraj Chinna Maruthu Servai, 22], [Victim – Yak Yam Seng, 45]

12 Aug 2015 – Road rage offender jailed 1 month and fined for punching and abusing cabby
[Attacker – Seah Kai Hui, 26], [Victim – Chua Eng Chye, 56]
Seah could have been jailed for up to two years and fined up to $5,000 for causing hurt. For using abusive words, he could have been fined up to $5,000 and jailed for up to six months.

3 Jul 2015 – NUS law professor Sundram Soosay who beat up cabby has been sacked and sentenced to four months’ jail
[Attacker – Sundram Peter Soosay, 43], [Victim – Sun Chuan Hua, 70]
Bail for the accused was increased from S$15,000 to S$25,000. For his offence, Soosay could have faced up to two years’ jail, a fine of up to S$5,000 or both.

2 Jul 2015 – Cabby attacker’s jail term raised to 3 months
[Attacker – Dino Petrus Johannes van Deijzen, 34], [Victim – Ee Kah Ling, 42]

2 Jun 2015 – Swedish national jailed 12 weeks for hurting Singapore taxi driver [Attacker – Blomqvist Andreas Michel, 29][Victim – Koh Tat Wah, 60]

12 May 2015 Financial adviser gets six weeks for attacking cabby [Attacker – Mark Ho Chia Hwa, 37],[Victim – Wong Siew Mun, 53]

22 Apr 2015 – Full-time National Serviceman gets 18 months probation for assaulting taxi driver
[Attacker Eugene Yap Siang, 21], [Victim – Rajadorai Doraisamy, 52]
The DPP urged the court to consider “the weighty public interest considerations in deterring violence against public transport workers”. For voluntarily causing hurt, Yap, who will is due to complete his full-time National Service in December, could have been jailed for up to two years and fined up to $5,000.

1 Apr 2015 – Norwegian jailed 10 weeks for choking taxi driver [Attacker – Arne Corneliussen, 50],[Victim – Chan Chuan Heng, 46]

3 Feb 2015 – Man gets 14 days Short Detention Order (SDO) for punching cabby
[Attacker – Joachim Gabriel Lai Zhen, 23], [Victim – Tan Keon Chae, 55]

30 Sep 2014 – Motorcyclist in road rage jailed for three weeks [Attacker – James George Palin, 33][Victim – Chiang Pak Chien, 43]

5 Sep 2014 – Man jailed for punching taxi driver after ride (Jailed for three weeks) [Attacker – Bryan Mark Adam Perera, 30],[Victim – Ang Khuan, 60]

8 Aug 2014 – American jailed three weeks for punching cabby [Attacker – Scott Andrew Baczek, 39],[Victim – Dieu Eng Hee, 42]

6 Aug 2014 – Engineer sentenced to a day in jail and slapped with a fine of $3,000 [Attacker – Nathan Adrian Tallack, 39],[Victim – Lee Yao Rong Muhammad Saifuddin Ilyan Lee, 25]

14 Jul 2014 – Cabby jailed for punching m-cyclist in road rage case (Jailed for four weeks) [Attacker – Lee Peng Geok, 49],[Victim – Albert Goh Ban Chye, 43]

5 Jun 2014 – Man jailed for two weeks for helping brother punch lorry driver [Attacker – Ng Tian Seng,52 and Ng Eng Hua, 56],[Victim – Jani Masdah, 50]

25 May 2014 – Man jailed for beating up cabby (Jailed for two weeks) [Attacker – Lee Kia Chew, alias Yap Kia Chew, 61],[Victim – Kok Lee Long, 49]

23 May 2014 – Motorist gets 8 weeks jail for road rage [Attacker – Fizul Asrul Efandi, 28],[Victim – Leow Ching Khuan, 28]

2 May 2014 – Man jailed five weeks for punching cabby [Attacker – Ng Lek Wee, 26],[Victim – Chia Hong Kian, 62]

8 Apr 2014 – Drunk student jailed three weeks for punching taxi driver [Attacker – Tan Jian Liang, 24, Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) student],[Victim – Seah Teck Kim, 65]

14 Mar 2014 – Italian foreign talent jailed 2 weeks for attacking cabbie [Attacker – Donnino Rossetti, 44, an Italian National and Singapore PR],[Victim – Toh Chee Keong, 36]

13 Mar 2014 – Hotel singer jailed eight weeks for assaulting cabby [Attacker – Feng Jia Cheng, 23, a Chinese national holding a work pass],[Victim – Tay Chwee Kok, 55]

6 Feb 2014 – Technical manager jailed two weeks for pushing cabby on the head
[Attacker – Christopher Gordon Sang, 41], [Victim – Liu San Chuang, 65]
District Judge Eddy Tham said there is a strong public interest when it comes to road rage cases, even more so when it involved a criminal assault on a public transport worker as in the present case. Sang could have been jailed for up to two years and/or fined up to $5,000 for causing hurt.

29 Dec 2013 – Technician gets jail for road rage (Jailed for three weeks) [Attacker – Lee Wee Teck, 31],[Victim – Tee Swee Hock, 60]

14 Dec 2013 – Supervisor jailed three weeks for punching motorist on the face (Jailed for three weeks) [Attacker – Lionel Goh Joon Hwee, 24],[Victim – Tan Poh Kim, 50]

08 Nov 2013 – Bank director fined S$4,000 for punching cabbie (Fined S$4,000 and pay victim S$1,000) [Attacker – Mason Robert Alford, 41],[Victim – Tan Chin Huat, 58]

01 Oct 2013 – Man jailed for punching cabby and fined for mischief (Jailed for two weeks and pay victim $3,500) [Attacker – Garfield Gordon Angove III, 38],[Victim – Chua Poh Soon]

23 Sep 2013 – Hawker gets eight months’ jail for punching taxi driver who ran over friend’s chihuahua [Attacker – Koh Seng Hong, 50],[Victim – Ling Ah Yen, 67]

8 Jun 2013 – Man in road rage incident jailed (Sentenced to one week in jail) [Attacker – Arivalakan Narayanan Kanapathy, 55],[Victim – Mervyn Lau Jun Ming, 27]

27 May 2013 – Ex-polytechnic lecturer gets six weeks for punching cabby (Sentenced to six weeks’ jail) [Attacker – David Mark Papkin, 48],[Victim – Leow Kok Hui, 43]

11 may 2013 – Businessman gets jail for road rage (Sentenced to one month in jail) [Attacker – Edwin Jaykumar Samuel, 38],[Victim – Peh Boon Hoe, 58]

11 Apr 2013 – Road rage lands motorist four months in jail (Sentenced to four months jail) [Attacker – Melvyn Chua Tong Ling, 31],[Victim – Ng Chor Foo]

24 Jan 2013 – Jail for breakdance teacher in road rage incident (Sentenced to two weeks jail) [Attacker – Felix Huang Sze Thian, 31],[Victim – Caroline Constance Lim]


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