Licence for business that provides music to the public

Public Performance Rights

If you are a proprietor of a business that provides music to the public, or if music is used in any entertainment that you provide, you require a Licence from COMPASS. Some examples of premises requiring Licences are discotheques, nightclubs, karaoke lounges, pubs, restaurants, hotels, clubs, cinemas, concert halls, factories, skating rinks, hairdressing salons, fitness centres, office buildings, general retail and shopping centres.


Q10: I already have a Licence for Public Entertainment, why do I need another Licence from COMPASS?
A10: A Public Entertainment Licence (PEL) is required when you organize any entertainment activity in public. However, if the entertainment provided involves the use of Copyright musical works, you are also required to obtain a Copyright Music Licence under the Copyright Act of Singapore 1987.

Q11: My company already has a Licence from RIPS. Why do I need an additional Licence from COMPASS?
A11: RIPS govern public performances of video pictures of karaoke discs belonging to its members. COMPASS grants the Licence for the use of Copyright Music used in these and other videos.

Q12: What if I don’t have a Licence?
A12: Music users who don’t have a Licence will be committing an offence under The Copyright Act of Singapore 1987. Offenders are liable to civil and/or criminal proceedings, which may lead to injunctions, damages, fines and imprisonment.

More Info

IPOS Collective Management Organisations


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