10 Sim Lim Square shops named and shamed

By Elizabeth Soh, Wed, Apr 17, 2013 4:05 PM SGT

CASE has released a list of the shops in Sim Lim Square which received the most complaints.

The consumer watchdog CASE last month put up flyers at the lifts mall naming and shaming the ten vendors with the most complaints lodged against them in a bid to deter them from cheating.

The blacklisted vendors are:

JW World Pte Ltd (#01-42),

Cyber Maestro Pte Ltd (#02-77),

Mobile Apps Pte Ltd (#01-50),

3 Plus Mobile LLP (#01-58),

S.M.S Gaming LLP (#01-16),

One Plus Mobile LLP (#02-61),

Elite 3 Mobile Pte Ltd (#01-64),

Mobile Apps Pte Ltd (#02-72),

Ray Technology (#02-26) and

Wee Mobile (#02-61)

They are ranked in order of the number of complaints received, from 10 complaints for JW World to 3 complaints from Wee Mobile.

 Note: Their company signboard may change but take note of their unit no. instead.


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