Guide Dogs Legislation

From the the Guide Dogs Association of the Blind (GDAB):


There are two laws in Singapore that support the use of Guide Dogs:

1. The Environmental Public Health Act

2. Rapid Transit Systems Act

Extract of Regulation 29(3), (13) of the ENVIRONMENTAL PUBLIC HEALTH (Food Hygiene) REGULATIONS (Cap 95) permits Guide Dogs into food establishments:
(3)  Notwithstanding paragraph (1), the licensee of a food establishment or private market may permit any Guide Dog accompanying a blind or visually impaired person to be brought into the dining or refreshment area or any toilet of the licensed premises if the Guide Dog is ……

(13) In this regulation “Guide Dog” means a dog that is specially trained to aid a particular blind or visually impaired person.
Extract of Regulation 8(1), (3) of the RAPID TRANSIT SYSTEMS REGULATIONS (Cap 263A) permits Guide Dogs onto public transport:
8. (1) No person shall bring any animal or other livestock into or upon any part of the railway premises. 
(3) Paragraph (1) shall not apply to a Guide Dog accommpanying any blind person.

 More info on Advisory to Halal Restaurants


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