Check my SingTel (ST) Discounted Shares

Singtel Share History

Discounted SingTel (ST) Shares FAQs

Q: How can I check on the number of discounted SingTel (ST) shares that I am holding?

A: To check your discounted SingTel (ST) shareholdings, please click here.

Q: What happens when I sell my discounted ST shares?
A: When you sell the discounted ST shares, the sale proceeds will be refunded to your CPF Ordinary Account.

Q: I am a Singaporean with discounted Singtel shares in my CPF Ordinary Account. How can I sell my discounted Singtel shares?
Shareholders without a trading account with a stockbroking firm may sell their discounted Singtel shares at any Singapore Post (SingPost) outlet. You will need to bring your NRIC and the latest copy of your CPF Statement of Account (SOA), which shows the quantity of discounted Singtel shares owned. The SingPost staff will assist you to complete a sale application form.

Your discounted Singtel shares will be sold within four (4) Singapore Exchange (SGX) trading days and the sale proceeds will be credited into your CPF Ordinary Account 3 days after the sale is effected. Please note that the sale proceeds will form part of your CPF savings and is subject to the existing CPF withdrawal conditions. If you are unable to sell the shares personally at the SingPost office, you may authorize a 3rd party to sell on your behalf.

If you have a trading account with a stockbroking firm, you may sell your discounted Singtel shares through your stockbroker. Alternatively, you can also open a trading account with any of the SGX broking firms if you do not have an existing trading account. However, if you intend to trade through the internet, please check with your stockbroker before selling as broking firms generally do not allow internet trading for discounted Singtel shares.

For more information on the sales procedures at SingPost outlets, please call SingPost’s hotline at 1605. To check your discounted Singtel shareholdings, CPF members may call CPF hotline at 1800 227 1188.

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