Need help along the Expressway

Please call EMAS Vehicle Recovery Crew (1800 2255 582) for assistance should your vehicle mangle down or tyres puncture while you are on a expressway.

About EMAS

First launched in 1998, EMAS was installed to detect and manage incidents on expressways. Through a comprehensive system comprising live video surveillance, incident detection and real-time traffic alert functions, the EMAS has been effective in helping the LTA to promptly respond and manage congestions arising from traffic incidents, such as vehicle breakdowns and accidents, on the expressways.

What you should do when your vehicle breaks down or is involved in an accident along the expressway:

  • Switch on the hazard lights.
  • If your vehicle can still be moved, get it onto the road shoulder quickly.
  • Place the breakdown sign (a red equilateral triangle) 60m behind the vehicle.
  • Open the trunk and hood to alert other drivers.
  • Stay at the downstream of the vehicle, and behind the vehicle impact guardrail (VIG) if possible.
  • Do not allow passengers to remain in or around the vehicle.
  • Call the Operations Control Centre (OCC) at 1800-CALL LTA (1800-2255 582).


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