Security labels to prevent bike thefts

Crime Alert: Theft of Bicycles

Police have noted an increase in the number of bicycle thefts. We would urge you to adopt the following measures to prevent your bicycle from being stolen :
a)    Keep your bicycle at home when you are not using it;
b)    Lock your bicycle when left unattended, even if it is only for a short while;
c)    Secure your bicycle to a permanent structure such as a bicycle rack. All removable bicycle components should preferably be locked or secured;
d)    Use a durable lock. You should use a U-lock that provides better security compared to cable locks or use a bicycle lock with an alarm feature;
e)    If you need to park your bicycle at a public place, choose one with high human traffic and is well-lit, preferably with CCTV monitoring; and
f)     Make unique permanent identification marks such as engravings or affix the Bicycle Security Label on the body of your bicycle.  
2          The Bicycle Security Label comes with a unique serial number that helps you and Police to identify your bicycle if it is stolen. You are encouraged to approach any Neighbourhood Police Centre (NPC) with your bicycle to collect a label.
3          If you are keen to play a part in making your estate a safer place to live in, you can participate in the Citizens-On-Patrol (COP) initiative. Please contact your nearest NPC to find out more about the COP initiative. If you have any information relating to a crime or wish to report suspicious person(s) loitering around our neighbourhood, do not hesitate to contact the nearest NPC as well. Dial 999 for urgent Police assistance.


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