File a claim for additional bus fare charged

Posted on TODAY, 04:46 AM Sep 15, 2011

Letter from Corrine Ng
Corporate Communications,
Transit Link

Bernadette Low
Senior Manager,
Corporate Marketing and Communications,
SMRT Corporation

WE REFER to Mr Hanafiah Ali’s letter “Commuters, be mindful of your rights” (Aug 19).

If commuters are charged an additional fare when they board another bus service due to a bus breakdown, they may file a claim within five working days of the incident date.

They may do so via,

TransitLink’s website under “Customer Claim“;
TransitLink’s toll-free hotline 1800 2255-663 from 8am to 6pm daily (closed on public holidays) or leave a voicemail after operating hours;
and at TransitLink’s ticket offices.

The claim will be investigated and verified with the respective bus operator. If it is valid, a refund will be given after five working days, claimable for three months. Passengers may collect their refund in cash from any TransitLink Ticket Office. Alternatively, passengers may request for their refund via direct credit to their DBS/POSB bank accounts or via cheque by post.

In the case Mr Hanafiah cited, the service leader should have issued complimentary tickets to passengers before they left the faulty bus. We now know he had overlooked to do so. SMRT apologises for any inconvenience caused.

TransitLink has since contacted Mr Hanafiah’s colleague regarding the matter, and we thank Mr Hanafiah for the opportunity to clarify.

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