Household Benefits Calculator for 2011

The calculator allows you to estimate the total amount of benefits that you and your household can receive in 2011 (Jan – Dec ’11).

To use it, fill in your residence type, the number of people in your household and their particulars, to get an estimate of the total benefits that your household may receive. When using the calculator, do note that the estimate and actual amount you and your household receive may differ, as several assumptions on household and work criteria have been made.

The Government will be sending you notifications to inform you of the actual amount of benefits you will receive in 2011.

Calculate your benefits now

 If you would like to do the calculation offline, you may also download the Household Benefits Template.

Depending on your eligibility, the benefits that you may receive include:

  • Growth Dividends
  • CPF-Medisave Top-ups
  • Child Development Credit
  • Edusave Top-ups
  • Workfare Special Bonus
  • Personal Income Tax Rebates
  • Workfare Income Supplement
  • Utilities-Save (U-Save) Rebates
  • Service and Conservancy Charges (S&CC) Rebates
  • Rental Rebates
  • Removal of Radio and TV Licence Fees

Household Benefits Calculator for 2012


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