CIMB Bank offers free taxi rides to Singaporeans

Passengers of the five CIMB gift-wrapped Comfort cabs plying the roads now have been pleasantly surprised over the past week.

Since last Wednesday, anyone fortunate enough to hop into one of these cabs will be told at the end of his or her trip that the fare will be taken care of by CIMB. Conceptualised by Ogilvy RedCard Singapore, this bonus is part of CIMB’s ‘Be Surprised By Money’ campaign, which runs till next Wednesday (20 Oct 2010).

Mrs Coreen Kwan, head of retail banking at CIMB Bank Singapore, said: “In Singapore’s highly competitive and relatively small domestic market, our competitive positioning and call-to-arms is about challenging the status quo, breaking the norms from the past and questioning every part of our operations to find new ways of getting things done.

“At the end of it all, we want to be able to deliver an innovative retail banking experience to our clients. As encapsulated by the tagline of our marketing campaign – we want retail banking consumers in Singapore to constantly be ‘Surprised by Money!'”

TODAY Paper, 13 Oct 2010



3 Responses to “CIMB Bank offers free taxi rides to Singaporeans”

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