Four MediaCorp radio stations back on Internet

Today Paper, 01 Dec 2009 After a nine-month hiatus, online fans of four MediaCorp radio stations can once again get their daily fix from the Internet – thanks to an agreement between the media giant and the Recording Industry Performance Singapore (Rips). From Tuesday, listeners can enjoy the audio fare from 987FM, Class 95FM, Lush 99.5FM and Y.E.S. 93.3FM via “live” broadcasts online, making these stations accessible to even overseas listeners. Simulcasts of free-to-air radio broadcasts over the Internet were suspended in March after changes to the law which made these streams subject to copyright licensing.

Updates – 03 Aug 2010
Class95FM987FM938LiveYES933Capital958Love972Gold905, 1003FM913FM, 883FM

MeRadio Class95FM987FM938LiveYES933Capital958Love972Gold905Kiss92

Updates – 20 Jun 2014

Updates – 19 Jul 2015
Lush995, oneFM913ufm1003jia883, litefm, 988FM


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