Locate Nearest AED on Mobile Phone

Now you can locate the nearest AED on your mobile phone!

Step 1
Click HERE to go to the map for mobile phones.

Step 2
On the Google map page, click on “Save to My Maps”. When prompted, login in your google account. Otherwise, create a new account.

Step 3
Now install Google Maps for mobile. Please visit ‘m.google.com/maps‘ from your device’s mobile web browser to download the application to your phone. Once downloaded, the installation process should start automatically.

Tip: Using your device’s pre-installed, default browser to visit ‘m.google.com/maps’ to ensure you receive the correct version of the Google maps for mobile for your own device.

If you prefer to install Maps for mobile from your computer, please visit this page to download the installation files for Windows Mobile, Symbian S60, or Palm devices and load the file onto your phone

Step 4
Select Google Maps under “Installations” of your mobile phone. Sign in using your username and password if you have not done so. Press the digit “2” on your phone number pad to go to Layers. Click on “Browse layers”, then “My Maps”. Click on “World Map on AED Locations” under the heading “Created by others”.

Step 5
Finally, to view your current location, press the number “0”. To zoom in, press “3”. To zoom out, press the digit “1”. To toggle between map and satellite images, press the digit “5”.

Note : If after pressing “0” and you do not see any nearby AED, please press “2” to go to Layers and refresh the layer by de-clicking “World Map on AED Locations under the heading “Currently on”. Go back to Layers and click on “World Map on AED Locations” under the heading “Recently viewed layers”, then press “0” again to find your location.

If you still do not see any AED, it means that
a. there is no information provided to us of any AED in your location, or
b. there really is no AED at all. Good luck!


One Response to “Locate Nearest AED on Mobile Phone”

  1. Umar Hayat Says:

    the video is very interesting..

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