Singapore Hospital Bill Size

This section provides details on the size of hospital bills according to conditions / procedures and ward class. Some of the conditions/ procedures featured include those for which patient treatment is more complex as they may have developed complications during the admission (complications) and/or had other co-existing medical conditions (comorbidities).

The figures quoted are based on actual bill size data submitted by the hospitals. The bill sizes for public hospitals are complete and include all charges including doctors’ professional fees. The data for private hospitals, however, may not be complete as not all doctors’ professional fees may be fully accounted.

Medisave/MediShield Calculator

The Medisave/MediShield Calculator helps you estimate how much you can claim from Medisave and/or MediShield.


One Response to “Singapore Hospital Bill Size”

  1. gynecologyresearch Says:

    The bill size for hospital stays can balloon if complications arise. This unexpected huge bill increase can cause a lot of stress to the average Singaporean family with little savings. For about a few hundred dollars a year, one can sign up for a hospital insurance plan to deal with such an event. Singaporeans should also keep some savings for paying the hospital deposit should urgent surgery be necessary. Sometimes the insurance companies take some time to process your request and may not be able to sort out the initial payment for you.

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