Enable original LG KS20 to read SDHC (Class4) 4GB MicroSD

1. Download and extract SDHC_WM6WM5.zip (Google) to your XP computer.

2. Shutdown KS20 and take out the original 1GB MicroSD.

3. With ActiveSync 4.5 on XP, copy SDHC.cab and Certs.cab to your KS20 (say \My Documents\Personal)

4. Tap on SDHC.cab to install. Reset.

5. Tap on Certs.cab to install. Reset.

6. Shutdown KS20.

7. Put in the new SDHC (Class4) 4GB MicroSD.

8. Power-on KS20.

9. Click Start, Settings, System, Memory, Storage Card, to see the “Total Storage Card Memory”


To change the LG KS20 Smartphone standard ringtone to your preferred mp3/wma

copy your preferred mp3/wma to \ApplicationData\Sounds\



3 Responses to “Enable original LG KS20 to read SDHC (Class4) 4GB MicroSD”

  1. cuning Says:

    Did you have try this with 8GB MicroSD?
    I follow the step here with my 8 GB MicroSD and find that my KS 20 only read 3476 MB. Could you help me?

  2. m_va_n2002 Says:

    I already make follow above steps for micro sdhc 4G but my KS20 notice that: total store card only 2G? Help me! Thanks a lot!

  3. chizn Says:

    wooo..thanks.sdhc problem solved on my LG KS20.

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